Purple Team

Purple Team

Prologix has a group of security professionals who work together to improve an organization’s security posture by combining the tactics and techniques of both red and blue teams. The purple team is responsible for identifying vulnerabilities in an organization’s security defences and testing the effectiveness of its security controls.

The goal of a purple team is to help organizations improve their overall security posture by identifying and addressing weaknesses before they can be exploited by attackers.

Our Purple Team Assessment Procedure

Collaboration Strengthens the ability to pinpoint vulnerabilities and subsequently close them. The purple team approach combines the tactics and techniques of both red and blue teams to provide a more comprehensive assessment of an organization’s security posture.

Set Goals and Objectives

Clear goals would guide the Purple team of making the approach and define the scope. Some Examples are:

Set Timelines

Timelines may vary but it is important to define them as per the Goal and Scope, as It can be from few days, to weeks to Months,

Outline a Background

Background would be the specific reason for which this exercise is to be conducted and would define the results we anticipate

Report Metrics

It is very important for us to understand the results should be clearly defined in reports, Defining the Report Metrics is normally done in agreement with the Client anticipation of results and to see how various TTPs worked and where our Customer Organisations stands when it comes to Security Posturing.

Identify Gaps

This steps is executed during the analysis of reports and results to understand if the there are any Gaps and Lapses, If highlighted Prologix team puts there pinpointed efforts to fulfil the same.

Examine Results

This is the step to examine the outcomes, understand weaknesses found, Actionable Areas of improvement Our Purple Team supports your Security Needs, It helps organisations overarching security needs. This also empowers your security team members gain the skills and to prevent and manage attacks

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