e-Commerce companies are normally open for Business Globally, They are prime targets for Cyber attack as they have critical and sensitive information about customers profile, financial transactions, proprietary company information and other such data. Moreover the nature of e-Commerce makes them completely reliant on internet and they are open 24/7. These businesses needs very strong Cyber Policy.

As per some surveys, 54% of attacks are focused on this space 60% of small e-Commerce companies are not able to survive the cyber attack

Our Solutions for this industry and very specific to their needs, we work very closely on defining the compliances, Perform Audits, train employees, perform pen tests to analyze threats

Some of the Common Attacks on e-Commerce Companies are

SQL Injection Attacks

Man in the Middle Attach

Cross Site scripting attack

Denial of Service Attack

We not only provide solutions against these adversaries and attacks but make you ready to prevent them. we also make these businesses compliant and ready with standards efficiently with minimal costs

When it comes to compliances we can make you ready with PCI-DSS, SOC2, GPDR, HIPAA, CCPA, SOX, NYDFS 2300

learn more about our cybersecurity services and schedule a free consultation.

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