Cloud Security

Cloud Security

In the very recent past, Digitization and migration to cloud has been very aggressive, During Covid Businesses found it critical for their Employees to work from Remote, which lead to faster migration from in premise infrastructure and Business Elements to On-Cloud or Hybrid environments.

This Fast migration has opened various challenges for Security Professionals and thus made Cloud security very key as it ensures that cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data are protected against breaches and unauthorized sharing. It also ensures that personal or privileged data is protected and data discovery is achievable.

Cloud redundancy is also important in case the cloud goes down so that businesses can continue to operate. Finally, cloud DDoS protection is important as putting services in the cloud makes them vulnerable to denial of service attacks.

We at Prologix are conducting various Services around Cloud Security and have teams specialized to conduct.

Azure Pen Test

AWS Pen Test

Oracle Cloud Pen Test

Google Cloud Pen Test

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