The damages caused in this industry by Cyber attacks have cause pain and financial damages to the tune of tens of billions of USD annually, companies like Renault- Nissan, Norsk Hydro and Mondelez all have suffered huge losses not only to its reputation but also its IT infrastructure, in the year 2017 Mondelez was attacked by encrypting malware NotPetya which permanently damaged 1700 Serves and 24000 Laptops, and Insurance company refused to cover the damages as it was considered as an act of war.

It is imperative that you protect your IT infrastructure from these act of wars and cyber-attacks yourself as no insurance company would cover these damages. We at Prologix are focused on supporting your IT Team and Cyber security team and behave like one of your extended teams to prevent, detect and respond to these adversaries

Some of our Industry specific solutions are as below:

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