Define a Cyber Roadmap

Define a Cyber Roadmap

A cyber roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines the goals, objectives, and actions for improving the cybersecurity posture and resilience of an organization. A cyber roadmap helps an organization to identify its current state, desired state, and gaps in its cybersecurity capabilities. It also helps to prioritize and allocate resources, measure progress and outcomes, and communicate with stakeholders
A cyber roadmap typically consists of the following elements:


A high-level statement that describes the desired future state of the organization’s cybersecurity.


A concise statement that defines the purpose and scope of the organization’s cybersecurity efforts.


Broad statements that describe what the organization wants to achieve in terms of cybersecurity.


Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound statements that support the goals and indicate how they will be accomplished.


Concrete tasks or activities that need to be performed to achieve the objectives.


Quantitative or qualitative indicators that measure the performance and impact of the actions.

Roles and responsibilities

A clear definition of who is accountable and responsible for each action, as well as who needs to be consulted or informed.


A realistic schedule that shows when each action will start and end, as well as any dependencies or milestones.


An estimate of the costs and benefits associated with each action, as well as the sources and allocation of funding.

Risks and challenges

A list of potential issues or barriers that could affect the implementation or success of the cyber roadmap, as well as mitigation strategies or contingency plans.

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